Matriks Bilgi Dağıtım Hizmetleri

Matrİks BİLGİ Dağıtım Hİzmetlerİ A.Ş.

Matriks was incorporated in 2003 by a team of professionals who combined market experience with innovation. In only a few years after inception, Matriks became the market leader in the Turkish market data business and has maintained its top position since then despite the entry to the market of global contenders. The company is headquartered in Istanbul with a large R&D Office in İTÜ Teknopark with local offices in Ankara, İzmir, Adana and Gaziantep.

Numbers of Matriks

140 employees including 70 developers, 7 energy brokerage clients, 289 energy companies, 17K+ terminal clients, 2K+ firms, 120K+ mobile app users, 70 financial brokerage clients, 40+ bank customers

The main scope of the company is to offer clients

  • Real time and delayed data of Turkish and international financial markets
  • Market-related news, statements and reports
  • Trading technologies and platforms
  • Order and risk management systems, content and data management, data mining, robo-advisory systems, algorithmic and HFT trading tools and market making systems
  • Commodity trading and data instruments
  • Business intelligence, data management, big data services
  • Mobile applications
  • Consultancy and Advisory